Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcome 2017

Welcome to 2017
I have been using the 'Class Story' feature on Class Dojo so haven't been writing on the blog as much as usual. I like that I can keep parents informed more quickly and can give information in short, little notes and pictures. I especially like the privacy features so parents can see their students and I have control of who has access for viewing. I think this may be the way to go for the future but you never know with technology what is around the corner.

For lengthier information, I will still be using this blog and will always maintain the homework section (usually updated on Sunday nights). I know students use the website links and I try to update them whenever new ones are introduced. It was great to see students accessing the links posted for the holiday concert songs and watch (ok, hear...often loudly) students singing. I think this website makes a good home base for linking information and will continue to use it as such.

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday and I look forward to posting more information soon. 

In the meantime...did you know there is an awesome recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies in the world on this blog? Here is the link that I posted in 2012. Enjoy!



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  1. thanks for the recipe! Plan to give it a try next week! Davida (Maia's mom)